How Can Neurology Therapy Help Ease Your Pain?

neurological therapy

Learn about neurology therapy and its positive effects on the body.

Old age is unfortunately something that no one can escape. It is a fact of life and we can only do so little about it. Old age can bring a number of issues to the body that can be quite detrimental for the person’s sanity and overall well being. In addition, it can kill one’s spirit as old people, opposite to mainstream belief, can be full of energy and life, and many are. Pain can diminish most physical abilities to move and do normal activities. Thanks to modern science of neurology, scientists have been able to pin down how they can help senior citizens with chronic pain. Neurology therapy is the solution.

What is Neurology Therapy?:

Neurological therapy is the treatment of individuals with movement problems due to disease or injury of the nervous system.  Physical neurological therapists can help improve or restore the mobility that is needed in order to move forward with your life. Being able to participate in normal everyday activities such as walking, cooking, and driving can become easier with treatment. It can also include helping with issues in movements and even help you deal with the symptoms such as pain whilst dealing with the root cause.

Why is Neurology Therapy helpful?:

A person’s spinal cord and brain are the central nervous system to the whole body and every type of pain is associated with those two entities. When the body experiences an irregularity in the nervous system it immediately sends signals to the brain to alert about the situation. More often than not, this alert signal is not that dangerous and it is only due to a nerve pinch or a malfunction and it can be treated very easily by physical neurological therapists. It can be extremely helpful even for people who have had nothing in particular a malfunction in the body can cause immense pain where the nerve can even experience some damage.

It can be very beneficial for a wide range of people from those that experience pain in their joints such as hips, elbow and knees to serious issues like central nervous system injuries, Strokes, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and many other conditions can benefit from Neurology therapy. The physical neurological therapy is able to kick-start and re-root the neurological pathways between your brain and body and re-initiate it.

Success Stories of Neurology Therapy:

A power-lifting champion in Ohio in 2015 has had severe injury in the spinal cord due to a disc from the spinal vertebrae developing a hernia. Chris, a 57 year old male, developed the injury when squatting very heavy weight. He over reached his torso which compromised his hip hinging resulting in a rather devastating injury. Chris has gone through a period of depression but thanks to his local rehabilitation neurological therapy center, he was able to easily reconnect his nerves which helped his pain immensely. The therapy took 5 months but Chris was dedicated to get back on the platform and prove that his age was just a number despite what people have said. He only needed some therapy and corrective exercises to get back on track and he is now trying to train for his competition in 2019 at the USAPL.

How Neurology Therapy works (techniques):

The way restorative therapy / restorative rehab works is very tailored to each individual respectively but the first thing that needs to be established is the diagnosis of the problem. Many people are not aware of why and where this pain or this disorder is coming from so establishing the root cause is going to be the most important step in figuring out how to solve the problem. Some people require a full medical team to operate on them with the most recent, evidenced-based treatments and assistive technologies in order to help them; while some others only need a few sessions with the general neurological physical therapists to help each the pain.

Other than localizing the problem, a number of techniques can be used in order to help the patients such as Radio frequency Nerve Ablation which uses heat frequencies to help ease the pain, Trigger Point Injections that is used to treat fibromyalgia, tension headaches, and cervicogenic issues. Sacroiliac Joint Injection is also a very good technique for senior citizens that experience a lot of pain as well as Prolotherapy which can be defined as the connective tissue building.

There are many other ways that Neurological therapy works, for many individuals, the physical therapists can help guide in exercise that is going to reconnect some tissue damage or nerve tears, it can also use some corrective exercises that are needed to be done many times during the day to help the time of the recovery.

Who to seek Neurology therapy help from?. (certificates, degrees, expertise):

Under no circumstances should anyone incest their time and money in claims of people that have never practiced this science and can cure these neurological issues. The spinal cord and brain are very complex entities that need special care from those who have had their share of expertise in the field.

Physical therapy is just another form of health science, it is by no means a form of alternative therapy or alternative medicine. Physical therapists have to study medical science subjects in a university as a foundation and study in academies to include neuroscience, anatomy, exercise science and physiology so they can acquire the knowledge, education and expertise needed for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of people who experience neurological physical problems. These physical neurological therapists need to be registered by law and their administration, acquire diplomas from well regarded universities and have had some certificates working with some clinics.

Once you come to the realization that you need neurological physical therapy, your first question is going to be “how can I find a neurological therapist near me”, while a simple google search might help you out, the best option is to seek out the nearest clinic. The nearest doctor or pharmacist should also know who are these organizations or associations that specialize in neurological physical therapy as it differs from the traditional therapy. Outpatient Neurology physical therapy and Outpatient neurological physical therapy clinics are also dedicated to finding you the best cure and best way to get over the symptoms and problems you might have including pain.

When to seek Neurology therapy help?:

You should always seek help when your physical ability has diminished. Once you are not able to perform the movements you are easily able to do with no pain, you should consult the neurological physical therapy center near you as soon as possible. While treatments may vary in terms of serious the damage is, doctors have a very high success rate in helping to recover the patient, sometimes is takes very few sessions, corrective exercises and rehab that can be done in the comfort of your own home can be the best thing for therapy. Neurological problems are associated with brain or spinal cord issues, so exercises that are going to help posture, leg and neck mobility are very common in most people’s regiment in their recovery.

If you feel neurological therapy can be a possible cure for your symptoms please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and are awaiting your call.


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