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Subacute rehab admission criteria


What Is Subacute Rehabilitation?

Subacute rehabilitation is a form of inpatient care for people suffering from severe illnesses and injuries. Subacute rehab provides a number of benefits and services to their patients such as balance rehab, improving walking, leg function, cardio vascular health, and strength regain.
The rehabilitation is great for people who have experienced an injury and are looking to improve their independence in moving and function in everyday tasks. It could also benefit those who have suffered trauma in their joints such as hips, knees, lower back, and shoulders. Moreover, subacute rehab is a great way to improve internal health issues such as cardiac stroke, amputation and spinal cord injuries.


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What does subacute rehabilitation mean? Where and when did it originate?

Subacute rehabilitation is just a way to mean a less intense way of rehabilitation and recovery than acute rehabilitation. Since the latter involves a multidisciplinary view of rehab that can intersect with psychological trauma and surgeries, subacute rehabilitation involves a less intense way of treatment than acute rehabilitation. Moreover, the time spent at subacute rehabilitation is different than acute rehabilitation which indicates a less serious but still highly effective approach that requires less intensity.

Subacute rehab originated from the lack of acute beds in some areas and hospitals: “report an apparent emerging trend at the time: the increasing development of distinct part, PPS-exempt units in hospitals to care for newly-identified “subacute patients,” and the related development of increasing capacity (or need) to care for more acutely ill, “post acute” patients in freestanding nursing facilities and other settings.” Lewin 1994


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What is the criteria for subacute rehabilitation treatment?

With the subacute care expanding in the nursing and medical field, subacute rehab seeks to replace acute hospitalization in the sense that is can provide similar benefits without the need of highly sophisticated technological tools. Subacute rehab also seeks to minimize the stays at the hospitals which decrease the chances of hospital readmission. This helps the patients recover faster without the use of heavy staff care which is good for both sides of the equation. Subacute rehab admission criteria covers every thing that acute rehab does not. There are a number of criteria for subacute rehabilitation but once the doctor agrees that the patient no longer needs an intensive care, they can be sent to post acute or subacute rehab so they can receive the proper care for recovery to go back home. The goal is to get the patient standing and able to move around so they can move independently.

Sometimes patients go to subacute rehabilitation care after acute rehab, because they typically spend 2 hours for every session which does not take more than once a week and no loss than a month while acute therapy takes 3+ hours per session and five times per week. To find out your local centers subacute rehab criteria is it best to simply contact them and discuss your options.


Subacute rehab admission criteria


What is an average session of treatment like? What to expect.

Subacute rehab involves treatment for those who do not have the strength to continue with intensive session. It’s a combination of physical movement rehab, as well as occupational and speech therapy with a physician’s involvement once per month.

The main benefits of subacute therapy is the patients are able to stand on their feet and be able to move like there used to after their surgeries or injuries. The facilities also help in many ways such as speech therapy and movement coordination for walking, moving objects and talking.  Subacute rehab is also effective for those who have suffered from a stroke.


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Differences between a Subacute rehab vs a skilled nurse facility?

Ytou may be wondering what the differences are between a subacute rehab vs a skiled nursing facility.  The skilled nursing facility is a time limited care for patients suffering from traumas, it is usually managed and supervised by medical staff and it is usually acute care, this means that they are going to spend more time more frequently on the patient. However, if the patient is not able to sustain that, they will move to subacute care which is a less intense session that offers relatively the same care but less frequently. This is great for those who just came out of the skilled nursing facility, and they want to be sent home after their acute rehabilitation process. This is why it’s called subacute, meaning it is less powerful and less demanding then the acute care.  An effective subacute nursing staff will aide your journey back to to good health.


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Acute rehab working for many, many patients:

Acute and subacute therapy has helped many thousands of patients who have had injuries or severe traumas, it helped regain their coordination and movement. In addition to that, some of them even got back to their regular life, back to work and some have even gone back to the gym working out every day. “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that palliative rehabilitation can maintain and optimize functional ability”
In some cases, acute and subacute rehab have even helped people prevent cancer: “Rehabilitation is highly valued by patients with advanced disease, and serves to improve patient confidence to actively participate in everyday activities” al. (2018)

Sub acute rehab will unintentionally and sometimes intentionally prevent many diseases and further complications. Since the rehab works on getting the patients to move more freely, it also allows them to gain confidence in the fact that they can still move on, which in turns helps them move more and thus be more active.


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How Can I find a Sub Acute Rehabilitation Center? What to look for.

One of the most critical things that need to exist in a subacute rehabilitation center is a good reputation. They usually have websites which indicates their patients and their procedures. That way, you can access their reviews and people are talking about. The other thing that need to exist in a good quality subacute rehab center is a staff that is equipped with physicians, rehab specialist, speech therapy specialist and movement coordination trainers.
It is usually the medical facility who recommends the subacute rehabilitation center since they know the severity of the case and what degree of care you need. So asking the medical staff that took care of you during the acute phase or asking for recommendation from people that have had a good experience and recovery from rehab is a good way to narrow down your options in deciding which subacute centers you should go for.


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