Pulmonary Therapy Guidelines to Know (7 Areas Covered)

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The cornerstones of health are proper diet and exercise along with other healthy activities but no one is free from the possibility of encountering issues concerning their health regardless of their habits. Concerning health in the respiratory system, it is just as important to keep an eye on it and maintain the health and efficiency of lung health. Along the same line, pulmonary therapy is a program that seeks to improve the awareness about one’s lungs and diseases through a series of exercises and techniques that will help correct deficiencies in the respiratory system to improve overall health.


What Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a set of educative programs that will help you live better and longer with pulmonary or lung diseases. It is dedicated to help you with many areas of your life that are going to help you deal with a variety of lifestyle changes such as fitness exercises, like strength training, that will improve the muscular development to further help improve the recruitment of oxygen usage in the muscle. Other exercises such as light cardiovascular activity and active stretching are also usually included with proper medication and nutrition.

In addition, pulmonary therapy seeks to help you cope with the issues at hand by meeting other people with similar conditions; this will help the person mentally making them more hopeful and aspire for the end result which is recovery.

Moreover, pulmonary therapy helps the patient be more aware of the conditions they have so they can adjust and know what is happening. Awareness is also important so the patient can seek help as soon as possible in case of emergencies. Ideally, the end goal for pulmonary therapy is to get the patient to increase their tolerance for exercises and everyday activities, help them get over the anxiety of the issues they might have, get more coping skills, manage and eventually adopt a lifestyle that will help decrease disease symptoms.

The pulmonary therapy is also going to help a lot of other cases such as those who have an issue with imbalances in their respiratory system, severe shortness of breath and smoking related issues.


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Who Administers Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

The staff responsible for pulmonary therapy is a dedicated group of individuals with the right skill sets for managing the needs of the case, they should be trained doctors, respiration therapists, personal trainers, therapists, and dietitians. Together, they should form a solid group that will aid your recovery and guide you through a maintenance phase to help you deal with some of the symptoms. If you are looking for a pulmonary rehab center near you in Westchester county ny then we recommend contacting us, North Westchester restorative therapy & nursing center our expert staff of course! We specialize in the leading technologies that support your recovery and well being. 


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Where Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Administered?

The location through which pulmonary therapy is performed is usually at the doctor’s office, hospitals and pulmonary therapy specialty centers. There is also an option that the pulmonary therapy could be received at home with all of the staff in your home, and another option where they can give the patient a program so they can get trained to do pulmonary therapy in their own at home if the person does not have a convenient work schedule.


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Is Pulmonary Rehabilitation Right for Me?

Whether pulmonary rehabilitation is right for you or not depends on your specific case. Individuals who have a lot of trouble breathing or performing everyday activities should enrol in a pulmonary therapy. It is usually advised that they seek the right kind of staff that will rightfully guide them through the process. Pulmonary therapy is advised for people who have a shortness of breath, diagnosis of lung disease, or chronic lung diseases that limit a person’s ability to perform normal activities within the boundaries of their work capacity. “A somewhat recent evidence-based review shows that pulmonary rehabilitation can improve functional status and quality of life” (Fan .et all 2008)P111.

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Can I Use Oxygen during Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

During the analysis and diagnosis process, the staff performs a set of tests that will assess your capacity or needs to use oxygen. They will use oxygen and maybe even some tests such as the 6 minute walk test that will examine how much oxygen you need. Based on that assessment and potentially other factors, the doctors will prescribe you with the right oxygen treatment for optimal results.


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Can I Do Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Home?

Based on the requirements to have an effective rehabilitation therapy, at home procedures are usually the norm. However, pulmonary therapy is so much more than just a set of lifestyle changes, it is meeting the people that have the same condition, talking to them, counselling, and receiving the right training and awareness enhancing program.

It is possible to do pulmonary rehabilitation at home with the help of a doctor, at first and a personal trainer or physical therapists that help the patient learn about the proper movements. In addition to that, talking to the dietitian is also crucial to get the right information for the proper nutrition at home such as the right foods, how you should be cooking them, spices, and other nutrition related counselling.

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How Much Does Pulmonary Rehabilitation Cost?

This will vary greatly on your insurance coverage and where you live, it is also going to depend on the staff that is working on your case. If a staff consists of dietitians, qualified doctors, nurses, personal trainers, physical therapists, massages, updates on the programs and diet, then it is going to be more expensive than a visit with the doctor that prescribes you a set of activities that you should or should not be doing. Some cases go all the way to a thousand dollars and even higher depending on their case, and if the patient receives less attention, then the cost should be lower. “Adherence will play a role in both the cost of treatment and for outcomes. For patients who elect LVRS today, our analysis is likely a reasonable approximation of pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation costs” Fan(2008). P111

Pulmonary rehab is one of the best treatments you can undergo if you suffer from similar symptoms.

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